Niki Karimi at Persian International Film Festival 2013

By August 14, 2013 Events

The Persian International Film Festival (PFF) welcomes special guest Niki Karimi to Australia. The award-winning Iranian actor, screenwriter and director is set to be a special guest of the Festival from 22 August to –1st September, 2013. During her first ever visit to Australia, Karimi will be presenting her debut feature film One Night, a film that marked her first venture behind the lens following a successful career as an actor. Released in 2004, the film compe ted in more than 8 film festivals around the world, including the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Following the story of a teenaged girl hitchhiking through Tehran in the middle of the night, One Night portrays the little seen lives of Tehran’s prostitutes, runaways and night people. Despite its success in the international film festival circuit, the film was banned in Iran years after it was produced. Karimi wrote an open letter the cinematic deputy of Iran’s ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in May 2007 questioning why her film had not been screened even after three years of its production date. Karimi is confident that the film will be screened in Iran one day. 

The screening of One Night film will be followed by a Q & A, where filmgoers will be able to quiz Karimi on her filmmaking process and the controversial themes explored in the film.

The actor/filmmaker will also be present for Q & A sessions following the screenings of Two Women (1998) and Final Whistle (2011).

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