Open Call to Artists: Juniper Hall Exhibition Opportunity

By August 26, 2015 Entries

Site and Situation curators are excited to invite practising artists/postgrad students to forward proposals for a public art exhibition at Juniper Hall, Paddington, now home to the Moran Foundation and Prize.

Juniper Hall, a Georgian mansion from the colonial era, is believed to be the oldest surviving mansion from Governor Macquarie’s time to be found in Sydney.  It was built by emancipated convict Robert Cooper in 1824 to fulfill a promise to give his third wife Sarah the ‘finest house in Sydney’. Since that time Juniper Hall has served as a juvenile court, an orphanage, a toy museum, and an artists’ residence.

The Site and Situation exhibition seeks to reawaken the history of Juniper Hall, its architecture and surroundings, whilst also offering a vision of the site’s future, through abstract and conceptual themes.


All mediums will be considered, however art works need to be suitable/adaptable for a heritage location, and there is a particular interest in artists who work with sound, light, visual projection, performance and the reconfiguration of archives and collections. Proposals are invited for existing works or new projects that engage one or a number of the following curatorial themes:

• the movement of time

• the presence of absence (hidden, overlooked, erased aspects)

• land(scape, topography)

• (im)material traces

• possible pasts/speculative futures

• legacies and identities


Please submit the following to the curators at

• An outline of work (maximum 300 words)
• An artist statement/bio (maximum 300 words) with short CV
• Images (maximum 1MB)

Deadline for proposals: Wednesday 26 August 2015

Works must be ready to be installed on Tuesday 14 September so that they’re ready for opening night on Thursday 17 September. The exhibition runs until 28 September, and will be promoted through the networks of UNSW ART & Design and the Moran Foundation. The operating budget of the exhibition is modest, but equipment will be provided and install costs covered where possible.

For more information visit the Site and Situation website