Producer Required for Sci-Fi Short Film – Failures and Unknowns

By March 21, 2014 Jobs

Looking for a producer to help with grant applications and other sources of funding for the short film ‘Failures and Unknowns’.

When Poppy overdoses on an experimental mixture of illegal minerals with magic properties, in an attempt to cure her failing eyesight, it’s up to her crystal avoiding sister, Ava, to delve into the underground world of dust use to save her.

Lots of the paperwork is well underway and just needs some revision.

A creative producer with insights and opinions would be welcomed.

An interest in special effects would be helpful.

Nominal pay until project funded.

I previously wrote and directed the short film ‘Fatland’ with the support of MetroScreen.

Contact: Tessa Muskett
Phone: 0438 205 929