Producer Wanted for Short Film

By November 18, 2014 Jobs

Hello Filmmakers

An upcoming short film wanting to be shot around Jan/Feb is in need of another producer to come on board.

The film is aimed to be added on with a small sum of other films to be targeted for an online profile

The short is in early pre-production. Some networking on locations, cast & crew.

But more importantly, the producer (preferred but not essential) would like to have crowd-funding knowledge.m

With the knowledge of promotions and some social media knowledge.

This role will suit students, recent school leavers, anyone wanting to continue their early career. Networking, exp, Introduced into a small pool of other filmmakers.

Like mentioned above, crowdf-unding for a budget will hopefully happen. Monetary payments will hopefully targeted for cast & crew if surplus happens. But volunteering is needed

For information, script please send in your CV to