Pub Pulse TV

By February 12, 2013 Jobs

Pub Pulse TV is an exciting new Australian media platform designed to provide analysis and insight across the frontier of our public debates: about politics, people, society and sport, from the pithy to the profound. If it is not dealing with ‘now’ issues it is exploring today’s take on perennial topics.

For Pub Pulse to be successful we need to build a team of citizen reporters who will fearlessly give voice to the ‘considered’ public, directly from the public bar.

Do you want to help give the public a stronger voice? We need people who have an interest in raising the bar in public debates by crowd-sourcing the views, analysis and insight of the Australian public from the best pubs across the country.

As a Pub Pulse Reporter you will have the opportunity to produce stories that encourage better debate and, hopefully, better solutions. You will have the opportunity to produce interesting and entertaining stories that will be shared with an engaged, growing and influential audience, people who will also have the opportunity to respond to and spread your stories.

Right now we just want compelling stories from the frontier. Right now we need people of goodwill to get involved and get this off the ground. If you’d like to try your hand at producing stories from the public bar go to Pub Pulse’s site for more information and email details for potential reporters at or call Michael Parker on 0423 121 354.