Quietly Propping Up Australian Productions for Over 25 Years

By June 27, 2013 Blog

Getting enough money and resources together with the right people to make a film or documentary happen is a huge challenge. For over 25 years Metro Screen has been helping make production budgets balance through the Production Subsidy Scheme, relaunched as the Jump Start subsidy program. Many projects made possible with equipment subsidies have gone on to win awards internationally and screened on network TV.

If you’re looking for broadcast quality equipment, a professional green screen studio or post-production facilities, the next round closes 1July (but don’t fret there are 3 rounds per year). Check out the recent projects made possible with the help of Jump Start at Metro Screen.

Robyn Beeche A Life Exposed

This stunning documentary produced by Lesley Branangan recently screened on ABC 1, you still catch it on iView. Its about Australian-born photographer Robyn Beeche who became renowned in London for her iconic 80s images. In a time rich with experimentation and creativity, she was celebrated for her ground-breaking photographs of painted bodies, and collaborations with counter-culture personalities Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Leigh Bowery and Divine.

Emergence – Build Your Own Being

Build Your Own Being is based on Synarcade Audio-Visuals’ critically-acclaimed interactive multimedia show: “Emergence: Build Your Own Being” (2007) that premiered at the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Arts House and Canberra Street Theatre. In an age of genetic engineering and user interactivity, when science often moves faster than ethics, Synarcade has again teamed up with the controversial Department of Bio-logical Sciences to give you a chance to play God …before the game gets serious.

Where The Streets Have No Name

This incredible story Directed by Vijaykumar Mirchandani has won over 8 Awards and been selected for 22 International Film Festivals. It is an emotional journey of Dr. Harald Falge who has been working tirelessly over the last 20 years, trying to help alleviate the problem of homelessness in Cairns. A hair raising experience as we get into the lives of these street kids, hear their stories and unfold the bitter reality that lies beneath this beautiful paradise island. Watch on Vimeo.

Lala Pictures

Dating the H-Bomb is a TV Movie made late last year which screened on ABC TV about ordinary Australians, voiced through puppets, candidly sharing the struggle of living and loving with the taboo herpes virus. The same production company also made Hitch Cock screening on SBS and at over 30 film festivals internationally. Both projects were made possible with assistance from Jump Start at Metro Screen.

Jacob’s Story

Jacob Clarke wanted to go to the same high school as his friends. But he needed something his friends didn’t; an interpreter. Jacob is Deaf, so this was essential, but the school didn’t think so. Buddy systems and note-takers weren’t going to give Jacob the education he was entitled to. It ended up in court as a landmark case for Deaf rights and 5 years later, a result worth waiting for.

Jump Start

These films were made possible, in part, with the assistance of the Metro Screen Jump Start subsidy program. Film and content makers looking for equipment or studio facilities can apply for the Metro Screen Jump Start production subsidy to help balance the production budget. Jump Start provides $45,000 worth of production subsidies over three application rounds. Broadcast quality equipment, the green screen studio and post-production facilities are made available to film and content makers at hugely discounted rates through the Jump Start subsidy.

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Photo credit: A Life Exposed (work by Robyn Beeche)