Ray Kurzweil and The Singularity – Sandfly Film Festival 2013

By November 4, 2013 Congratulations

Ray Kurzweil and The Singularity, a whiteboard animation about the possible evolutionary convergence of humanity with it’s technology, (you know, small topic) is screening at the closing night of the Sandfly Film Festival in Chippendale on 9th November. The film was written, created and directed by Metro Screen alumni Lew Keilar who has produced, directed, written or co-written, illustrated, animated, shot and edited several shorts. He is an illustrator with over 20 years experience working in all facets of the industry with an emphasis on storyboard and concept visualising in the advertising industry. Lew graduated from Metro Screen’s Certificate IV in Screen and Media in 2008.

Website: http://www.lewkeilar.com

Sandfly Film Festival: http://www.sandflyfilmfestival.com