Ringbalin – Breaking the Drought

By October 29, 2013 Events

Ringbalin – Breaking the Drought is a 30min documentary film presenting a mind-changing Aboriginal perspective on Australia’s great Murray Darling Rivers.

View the trailer at: https://vimeo.com/68937641

Sister project Ringbalin – River Stories is an innovative geo-located app that invites you on a journey along the Rivers, with Elders from the oldest cultures on Earth acting as your guides.

Both will be launched at the Canberra International Film Festival on 3rd November 2013.

In 2010 Australia was suffering the worst drought in recorded history. At the mouth of the River Murray in South Australia, Ngarrindjeri Elder Uncle Moogy was watching his ancestral home die, so he united a group of different Aboriginal River Nations in a 2300-kilometre pilgrimage to dance the spirit back into the river and into themselves. Ringbalin – Breaking the Drought tells the story of their journey.

Ringbalin – River Stories is an iPad/iPhone App and website containing over a hundred films, photographic and audio stories about life beside the River, all told by the Elders and linked by GPS to the story locations.

You can take a virtual trip on the website, or use the app when you visit the River. The Elders will find you as you enter their Countries. As you journey along the road the sound of clap-sticks will automatically sound when you approach a story site. More than fifty hand-painted maps, all GPS coded, will guide you to the exact locations where the Elders’ stories are told, and as well as filmed stories there are intriguing audio and photo stories to enhance your trip.

Director Ben Pederick said “The story of the Ringbalin is so hopeful. It opens a door to learning from the custodians of Traditional Knowledge unique to Australia, and to a way of life profoundly connected to the world and to our own origins.”

A screening of the documentary will be followed by a demonstration of the app and a discussion with indigenous elders and storytellers.

Where:           Canberra International Film Festiva, Arc Cinema, National Film and Sound Archive.

When:             Sunday 3rd November 2013, 6pm

Guests            Ringbalin Director: Ben Pederick

Aboriginal Elders: Aunty Ellen Trevorrow, Uncle Major Sumner, Aunty Cheryl Buchanan


For further information contact:

DIRECTOR BEN PEDERICK: 0487 446049, ben@gmbfilms.com

PRODUCTION MANAGERS ALI SANDERSON: 0487 316417, ali@gmbfilms.com

CHRISSY KAVANAGH: 0422 677112, chrissy@gmbfilms.com