Rocket Compulsion – iPhone/iPad game

By May 27, 2011 Congratulations

Man has always reached for the skies. From Icarus melting his wings as he soared too close to the sun, the innovative drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci to the fantastic tales of Jules Verne. And in spite of the dangers, we have not been able to stop ourselves from reaching upward.

Now comes the Rocket Belt. It stands alone – audacious… and dangerous.

ROCKET COMPULSION the iPhone/iPad game, developed by Al McEwen and produced by Emma Morris [Metro Screen Multiplatform Screen Producer Scholarship graduate] is an adaptation of the documentary. The game lets you fly like a super agent and strap on a Rocket Belt from the safety of your phone. Fly around numerous locations from outback Australia to Sydney Harbour and perfect your skills to get your professional rocket belt licence.

Director/Producer of EYE OF THE STORM and LIKE MINDS Gregory Read and Emmy Award winning Producers, Marcus Gillezeau and Ellenor Cox comes an Australian first – ROCKET COMPULSION. The story is simultaneously an iPhone/iPad game and a documentary produced for Discovery Channel Australia.

ROCKET COMPULSION tells the story of an Australian Rocket Belt Pilot, David Mayman, striving to build his very own Rocket Belt. After years of testing and building with the world’s leading Rocket Belt engineers – Nelson Tyler and William Suiter – David risks life and limb to become the world’s next Rocketman… and Australia’s first Rocketman. It is a childhood dream that can only be realised with great tenacity, and guts. He must use scientific engineering to defy the laws of gravity. If you think that this has all been done before, David shows – without doubt – why less people have flown Rocket Belts than have walked on the Moon.

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