Rosie Lourde interviewed by Screen NSW

By August 24, 2015 Congratulations

Don’t underestimate how important programs or internships and awards are. It’s critical to be recognised by the institutions in the industry. So, don’t hold back from applying.

Rosie Lourde is a recipient of the prestigious Screen NSW Emerging Producer Placement managed by Metro Screen and Screen NSW, as well as the SPAA Ones to Watch, 2015, identifying her as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging screen producers. Lourde produced her first feature film, Skin Deep (nominated for the 2015 AWGIE awards), in 2014 that received an Honourable Mention for Best Narrative Feature at the Austin Film Festival. Lourde is also producer and a key actor on the international hit online drama STARTING FROM… NOW! on its way to 15 million views.

Screen NSW asks emerging producer Rosie Lourde for her tips on where to begin as a producer.

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