Screen Australia: Upcoming Multi-Platform Documentary and Drama Rounds

By February 20, 2013 Entries

Revised guidelines for our multi-platform programs have now been released in draft form. We are keen for industry feedback by 1 March and expect to release final guidelines on 11 March.

Screen Australia is also encouraging practitioners who might wish to apply to these programs to start preparing their project documentation, as the first deadlines are fast approaching.

The deadline for Signature Documentary (was 1 March) has been extended to 22 March in order to open up the round to applicants under the revised guidelines, and the first deadline under the new Multi-platform Drama Production program is 12 April.

Screen Australia proposes to distribute funding through these programs in the first 12 months as follows:

$2–3 million through Multi-platform Drama Production, supporting individual multi-platform drama projects including innovative broadcast and online projects; targeted funds will also support multi-platform extensions for appropriate Screen Australia–funded film and television projects up to $2 million through Signature Documentary, expanded with an additional $500,000 to incorporate interactive and multi-platform projects as well as distinctive linear projects, supporting bold documentary storytelling for online and mobile platforms as well as big-screen film festivals. This funding was previously provided through Screen Australia’s former multi-platform programs and does not include the $20 million over three years earmarked specifically for games. The entire suite of new and revised interactive and multi-platform programs comprises Games Production, Games Enterprise, Multi-platform Drama Production, and Signature Documentary (including multi-platform production), with funds also set aside for sector development initiatives.

The draft guidelines are available for download at:

Interested Multi-platform Drama and Signature Documentary applicants who require more information should email: