Seeking Colour Grader for Short Film (Unpaid)

By October 19, 2015 Jobs

Seeking colour grader for student- made 13 minute comedy ‘Pound Town’, directed by Gretel Vella and produced by Melanie Weismantel.

The film is a UTS major undergraduate film.
The position is unpaid, but will repay in food. There are also colour grading facilities at UTS.

ADELAIDE is sick of the constant barrage of questions and opinions that come with being a 21 year old virgin. After being publicly humiliated for the final time, she decides urgent action is needed to quickly ‘seal the deal’. Taking advice from best friend MIKAELA, Adelaide fashions “Heather”, a mysterious new alter-ego, utilised to attract men and secure the emotionless sex she craves. However, as she and Mikaela venture to a wild house party, and “Heather” meets Joel, a dimpled leading man who comes dangerously close to destroying her facade, Adelaide learns that there is value in waiting, and that being taken to ‘pound town’ solely to please other people, isn’t all it’s is cracked up to be.

If interested, please contact Melanie Weismantel: