Seven Edgy Stories Supported Through Screen Australia’s Multiplatform Drama Program

By March 13, 2015 Industry News

Screen Australia has just announced funding to seven unconventional series through its Multiplatform Drama program.

The program supports risky projects with unorthodox formats. They utilise non-traditional platforms for distribution—making them accessible to global online audiences. Now an open-ended program, accepting applications at any time throughout the year, the Multiplatform Drama program continues to approach creative content in a flexible and open manner.

Recognising the online space as a rewarding growth area for Australian filmmakers, the Multiplatform Drama program has been instrumental in propelling Australian talent to a global arena, successfully reaching audiences in the billions and showcasing the  fresh ideas of Australian filmmakers.

The successful series announced are:

The Wizards of Aus by LateNite films. Written and directed by Michael Shanks (of Star Wars: The Force Awakens parody trailer fame), the six-part online comedy series tells a fish-out-of-water story about a Gandalf-esque wizard who decides to turn his back on the magical realm and settle down in Footscray—with disastrous results.

Versus. Written and directed by Adelaide brothers Danny and Michael Philippou (aka the RackaRacka), and produced by Julie Byrne of Triptych (The Babadook), the three episodes of Versus will deliver the brothers’ trademark stunt-laden, action-packed comedy content on the next level.

Plonk (series 2). Producer/director Nathan Earl and his team pick up where series one left off.  This time the incompetent wine series host, Chris Taylor (The Chaser’s War on Everything), will wreak havoc in South Australia’s renowned wine country. Distributed across the Nine Network, Stan and YouTube, Plonk series 2 will be highly accessible across multiple platforms.

Dumb Criminals Motorcycle Club is Paul Fenech’s (of Fat Pizza and Housos) web series debut. This 10-part, short-form comedy follows a group of the most inept criminals ever to ride on two wheels.

Fragments of Friday is a short-form online series that follows a group of friends as they try to piece together their Friday night after waking in a haze of overindulgence. It is written and directed by Kacie Anning (of webseries Minister for Men) and an emerging all-female comedy team.

The Divorce by Princess Pictures (Summer Heights High, It’s a Date) is an original opera crafted for a contemporary on-screen experience. Supported by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and in collaboration with Opera Australia the ‘witty soap opera’ will be broadcast on ABC TV and iview, with Universal Pictures set to distribute theatrically. The broadcast/online format is four-and-a-half hours and the theatrical format will screen as a 90-minute film.

Doodles is an animated comedy, which brings to life the artistic contributions of their social media audience. By Queensland’s Ludo Studio  (Digital Emmy® winners for #7DaysLater (image featured)), with ABC TV and YouTube giant Frederator (Adventure Time).

View the more details, see the full media release on the Screen Australia website here