Seeking Crew For Short Film

By November 14, 2014 Jobs

We are currently working towards a freelance, self-funded, independent short film production, and we are seeking local and undiscovered talent to work on the production, which is expected to commence in December TBD (projected 12 December).

We need to fill the following roles for a one-day shoot.

• 1st Assistant Director—Prepare shooting schedule and script breakdown. Due to the one-day duration of the shoot, you must ensure production runs as efficiently as possible by tracking the day’s progression.

• Production Manager—Liaise between different groups of people to ensure production remains on budget, and ensure everyone works as efficiently as possible. In addition, this person will need to bring the Production Team’s needs to the Director if or when required.

• Production Designer—The role of a PD in this film is to assist the director in creating the overall design of the film. The design has already been established, but will work to ensure the design is effectively achieved.

• Costume Designer—For this production, the costume designer will be required to source costuming as opposed to designing the costume for the production. Must have amazing sense of contrast between tones and know how to source clothing under a tight budget.

• Production Assistants—This position is for the odd jobs required to the film. You will need a driver’s license of this position. This job includes running errands and fetching items should we need them and occasionally helping out during production

For this production, we encourage all people to apply regardless of experience. We are looking for a talented individual regardless of nationality, size, look or gender to help bring the vision to life.

Due to the freelance nature of the film the positions will be voluntary, however all those who participate will receive the following.

• Before, after and during production stills to add to individuals portfolios.
• Written letters of Recommendation from the Director and Producer highlighting their work.
• Recognition for work within the Film Credit Roll
• Meals provided throughout the day.

With this production following qualities are encouraged

• Must be able to effectively create the film within restrictive measures.
• Strong knowledge in production mechanics especially relative to position.
• Comfortable working within a team of various experiences.
• Vibrant personality is encouraged.
• Excellent communication skills Written and Verbal.
• Driven and Friendly even when faced with challenges.
• A Desire and Passion for Cinematic and Entertainment Arts.

If you are interested in the position, please do not hesitate to email your CV (or name and contact) and sample piece of your work to