Short Film Scripts for Production

By June 20, 2013 Jobs

Aspiring Screenwriter with two full-length feature scripts currently seeking Producers for a number of original shorts.

The Punch
(Quirky Comedy)
Jeremy, 27, has a unique problem: he hears cringe inducing canned laughter when anything remotely funny happens.

Setting out to seek professional help, Jeremy encounters a fellow commuter with a similar problem: she hears dramatic music any time something bad is about to unfold.

Two best friends try to talk out their probelms while struggling to haul a fridge across Bondi with only a movers trolley. As tensions escalate and their destination closes in, apologies are made and secrets are revealed.

(Romantic Comedy)
John is in his mid-twenties and is always on the run, obsessed with work and his life of routine.

When a rogue red sock turns all of John’s business shirts a shade of pink, he attaches the sock to his building’s communal washing line with a note to the owner. What results is a game of cat and mouse as note after note is exchanged.

Contact: Dan