Short Film The Yowie Wins

By March 7, 2011 Congratulations

Short film “The Yowie” has won Best Cinematography and Award of Merit at the recent LA Cinema Film Festival. Written by Metro Screen student Laurence Anderson with DOP Callan Green, Director Jens Hertzum and Anne Robinson a Metro Screen tutor as a Producer.

“The Yowie:” Bill Walker is in crisis. His Blue mountains shop is failing, his wife has died and his morose son Kevin wants to go and study art in Kakadu. Bill decides to force Kevin to wear a Chewbacca suit in the National Park and fake a Yowie, which will bring tourists to town where Bill will have endless Yowie memorabilia waiting to go in his shop. It works brilliantly, and soon even Kevin is enjoying the sense of power. But local thugs decide they will catch or kill the Yowie and Geraldine, the local Aboriginal park Ranger, gets suspicious. Kevin’s antics also attract attention from a real and female Yowie. Will disaster result? Will Bill and Kevin settle their differences and move on with their lives? All will be revealed in The Yowie.

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