Stream of Films

By November 26, 2013 Industry News

Imagine a video-on-demand platform that streams only the best independent films from around the world, where 10% from every rental helps fund the next generation of Australian independent films. This is what we want to start: a new VOD platform where you can help make great films, just by watching great films. It’s called Stream of Films and it’s an exciting new way to create a more sustainable film industry.

How does it work? Every year we will put out a call for submissions. Our funding selection committee will then choose films for funding, and we will give those films 10% of our revenue to help bring their visions to life. Australian stories need to be told. We have fantastic film makers – original voices with fresh ideas – and some of the best crews in the world. But they need support if they are to break through. This is what Stream of Films is about: building a passionate community of independent film lovers who can help our talented film makers bring their stories to the screen. For our idea to work, we need to provide our audience with the best possible viewing experience. So we will be searching out the best independent and festival films from around the world. This hand-picked selection ensures you will see great independent films every time.

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