Sydney Film Festival Hub Video Exhibition

By May 8, 2015 Events

The Sydney Film Festival Hub at Sydney Town Hall is the beating heart of the Festival, a meeting place for film lovers featuring over 25 free events, including Sydney Contemporary, an exhibition of video works by local and international artists.

The ‘Sydney Contemporary’ video exhibition showcases some of the ways contemporary artists approach the moving image medium, distinct from the cinematic experience. There are works that take cinema as their launching pad, but look at the experience from 
a different perspective. Some use animation to explore unexpected subject matter; some loop narrative back on itself; while others dispense with it altogether. Some create entirely digital worlds; some have nature as their source; while others cross-pollinate with more traditional art forms. All explore the way we engage with the world through sight, and new ways of seeing.

Participating artists include Josh Azzarella (USA), Heath Franco (Australia), Deborah Kelly (Australia), Juan Pablo Langlois (Chile), Cameron Robbins (Australia), Joan Ross (Australia), Allison Schulnik (USA), Grant Stevens (Australia) and many more.

The Sydney Film Festival Hub is open daily from 4-13 June 2015

For more information visit the Sydney Film Festival website.