Sydney Underground Film Festival Hunts for the Best and Worst Film for 2014 Festival

By March 19, 2014 Entries

From super low-budget filmmakers to notorious cult directors, The Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) prides itself on screening films that no one else dares. In 2014 SUFF will take their love of the unseen and unsung to the next level – calling for not only the best films of 2014, but the worst as well.

Following the huge success of SUFF screenings of cinematic disasters THE ROOM and BIRDEMIC in 2013, the Festival has announced the inclusion of the outrageous new session, SO BAD IT’S GOOD!, shining the spotlight on the most appalling, cringe-worthy and unintentionally hilarious new cinema they can find.

Festival director Stefan Popescu said “While we all love to see well-made, quality films, sometimes it’s great to let your hair down with your fellow film-watchers and enjoy films that were often made with the best intentions but failed to nail it! All festivals screen great films, but we want the not so great, too. We encourage filmmakers to submit their disastrous films, or to dob in a friend that has made a downright terrible film that is so bad, its good – or so bad, it is at least enjoyable.”

For those who do feel that they’ve nailed it, SUFF will continue to showcase the very best new indie short and feature-length films – the original, artistic, wild, subversive, political, experimental, environmental, and entertaining. Entries are also currently open for all other categories in the Festival.

Now in its 8th year, SUFF screens approximately 25 features and 100 shorts each festival.

When: 4-7th September, 2014
Where: The Factory Theatre, Marrickville

Submissions open now! Visit the SUFF website at: