The Australian Arts Party – 7 Days Left for Founding Memberships

By December 2, 2013 Events

With 7 days remaining of its 50 day crowdfunding campaign, The Australian Arts Party has shot past the $10,000 fixed funding campaign target. “It’s a fantastic milestone – there is no doubt we’re here to stay”, said PJ Collins. “We’re on target to register as a federal party this month.” While memberships are also being taken in person and by post, there’s only 7 days left for people to become founding members of the Arts Party through the crowdfunding campaign. Launched on 21st October 2013, with the aim of creating a party to ‘promote and encourage Australian art, culture and creativity, for all Australians’, the campaign has stimulated an overwhelmingly positive response. The party is on track to register federally in December 2013 with the required 500 members.

When asked why the party was needed, the reason was very clear. “If you don’t have a voice, you won’t be heard – it’s time Australian art and creativity had that voice and got the respect and support it deserves. We’ve got parties for sex, drugs, 4 wheel driving, bullet trains and of course mining, pushing their agendas – it’s time we did the same.” said PJ Collins. He continued, “Australian art, culture and creativity have a huge influence on our lives, both socially and economically. They are true primary industries of this country, creating wealth and community through our imagination, hard work and appreciation. They are activities that inspire, enrich and change Australian lives. We need to reprioritise Australian creativity as a fundamental asset of this country.”

“The big difference between us and other small parties is our vision. We’re small because we’re just starting out, but our aim is to represent the interests of artists, audiences and human creativity – which covers just about every Australian! Our focus is to bring a positive, inclusive and solutions-focussed new voice into our state and national politics, something we consider long overdue.”

The Indiegogo founding member campaign is running for 7 more days, offering a three-year membership for only $20. To find out more, please visit:

For more understanding about why we need an Australian Arts Party, please read this article