The Grand Design

By August 22, 2012 Congratulations

The Grand Design, a short film written and directed by Samuel Bartlett as part of the First Breaks initiative through MetroScreen, is doing well on the international short film circuit, having made Official Selection to Academy Accredited – Rhode Island Flicker Fest, New Jersey Film Festival, Edmonton and Canberra Short Film festivals. The film stars Matt Doran (The Matrix) as a Metaphysics student who believes he has scientifically deciphered the concept of fate. Using splitscreen, dual-timelines, Matt experiences the same day twice, and is ultimately left at the start of the same day for a third time, with a decision to make — does he save his life, or that of a stranger? The film explores the consequence of seemingly innocuous subconscious decisions, and aims at provoking discussion on determinism versus freewill.