The Olive Branch Job

By February 25, 2013 In production

Synopsis: Mark (Tyson Douglas), a former career criminal, has sorted out his life and is in a loving relationship with Michelle. He has an honest job and is supporting Michelle and her daughter (Ellie Dadd) from her previous marriage. It all starts to go wrong when Andy (Adz Hunter), Michelle’s Australian ex-husband, comes back from Australia unannounced. He finds out about Mark and Michelle‚Äôs relationship and tells Mark that he will leave them alone if Mark helps him with one final job. Andy begs, coerces and blackmails Mark into doing the job. In what follows, Mark encounters a dead body, the police and Andy’s attempt to overthrow him. Mark must deal with these issues if he is to be with the woman he loves.

About the film: The film is written & directed by Michael Dorgan, whose previous short, The Career Comedian, was nominated for best international film at Sydney’s Sandfly Film Festival. It stars Tyson Douglas, a rising British talent, and Australia’s own Adz Hunter. We are shooting on the Arri Alexa in London in March 2013.

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