Trasharama Film Festival 2013

By July 30, 2013 Entries

The infamous Trasharama Film Festival is stalking movies for its fourteenth year of screenings across Australia. It’s been a long three year hiatus but now it’ll be bigger and uglier than ever as we’re now in evil alliance with Monster Picture’s ‘Monsterfest!’

Trasharama 2013 will be premiering in Hellbourne in November 2013, with other states and New Zealand to follow in the coming months.

The program showcases short films that come under the theme of ‘Trash.’ This doesn’t mean we’re looking for movies that are rubbish, we are, in fact, looking for ambitious low budget productions that are highly entertaining and come under the ‘cult’ banner. Films that highbrow mainstream cinema critics would call ‘trash’ are welcomed here. Think George Romero, early Peter Jackson or the Pope of Puke John Waters. Don’t think Driving Miss Daisy, unless Daisy is a psychotic man eating alien transvestite!

The program is open to film veterans or virgins. Take that as you please. There are no limits on what films are screened but horror, blood, babes, animations, cheesy retro, weird documentaries, the offbeat and bizarre get us going. We encourage originality. We have found in the past that black humour with a twisted bent works well.

There will be prizes and awards (to be announced) for the best judged films, with winners to be announced at the premiere screening of Monsterfest (date to be announced). One award we’re particularly excited about is the Laurence Harvey Award, which will go to the most sick and twisted movie of the festival! Laurance, you might remember, is the lovable but silent ‘Martin Lomax’ in ‘Human Centipede 2’. Laurence himself will be on hand for a word.

Deadline for entries is 13th September 2013.

For all information on the festival, including entry forms and how to submit your film, head to our website: