Up To The Minute Political Satire

By July 8, 2010 Congratulations

Comedy fans turn to the web for UP-TO-THE-MINUTE POLITICAL SATIRE.

Gabby Millgate [ex-Muriel’s Wedding &Totally Full frontal] is ranked in the top 10 Aussie comedy youtube channels for the week of 07 Jul with her impersonation of PRIME MINISTER Julia Gillard.

After attending the Metro Screen Transmedia seminar Gabbie implemented what she had learned and has found success.

No television station is satirising current affairs “as it happens” like Gabby is. She has had thousands view her ‘Julia Spillard’ character inspired by the PM Julia Gillard. http://www.youtube.com/gabbymillgate The spoofs have gained a cult-like popularity, with fans using micro-blogging site twitter to spread news of Julia Spillard’s unique comedy. Gabby is fast becoming the dopple “ranger” to the PM with live radio spots, including appearances on Melbourne’s MTR1377 with Ben Fordham and has become the most hit ‘mash up’ [short video] on the ABC’s QandA website. Here  Julia Spillard is a character that is loved and nurtured by the twitter community, often contributing to the content of her witty monologues. Followers tweet what the next Spillard video should be about and this is reflected in the content of the first five videos.

This is a turn of fortune for Millgate, 38, having just attended a Transmedia Seminar at Metro Screen, Paddington, just days after the Gillard Spill. That plus a push from twitter fans birthed Australia’s newest comedy character-JULIA SPILLARD –and she’s demonstrating that content is Queen.

For more information contact juliaspillard@msn.com
or via twitter @Julia_Spillard & @gabbymillgate

Congratulations to Gabbie.