Wanted: Experienced DOP (paid) for Short Psychological Thriller

By August 1, 2014 Jobs

We’re looking for an experienced DOP for a short neo noir film. Shooting will take place over five days in mid September, and the role will be paid.

This short film is a psychological thriller about gambling and other addictions and how they effect us all. The main characters, Brian and Jack, are similar looking guys, about the same age, who both like to gamble. However, there’s a big difference: Brian is in control, whereas Jack is massively in debt and prepared to risk everything, even the money in his daughter’s piggy bank, in pursuit of his next big win. Brian has been hired to kill Jack and patiently waits for the perfect moment. Whilst Brian waits as Jack’s judge and executioner, he reflects on his own morality.

Please email Producer Janet Brown: janetbrown54@bigpond.com