Where The Streets Have No Name to be screened in Sydney

By September 21, 2011 Congratulations

Award winning Australian documentary Where The Streets Have No Name to be screened in Sydney. After completing its highly successful world festival tour for almost a year, it has till date received 29 International Film Festival selections and won 13 Awards & Honorable Mentions.

Just to name a few, they are Best World Documentary (60 mins) at International Film Festival of Ireland 2011, Best Educational Film at Alaska International Film Festival 2011, Silver Palm Award at Mexico International Film Festival 2011, Diamond Award at California Film Awards 2010, Official Best Of Fest Awards 2010, Swansea Bay Film Festival 2011, Redemptive Story Teller Award Redemptive Film Festival 2010, Making A Difference Award [mada] Commffest [Global] Community Film Festival 2010.

Sydney siders don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch this hard-hitting social doco made by local Sydney filmmaker Vijaykumar Mirchandani. It will be screened in the FlEXiff 2011Festival at The Armory Theatre – Bldg 22, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127 on 1st October [Saturday] @ 14.00 [session 3]. For more details log on to http://cinewest.org/welcome/?p=1849

The film was made possible with the support of Metro Screen’s Jump start subsidy program. Next round closes 07 Nov.

Where the Streets have No Name, an Australian feature documentary is an emotional journey seen through the eyes of one man [Dr. Harald Falge] who has been working tirelessly for the last 20 years trying to help alleviate homelessness in Cairns. Providing the three basic necessities of life to survive – food, shelter and clothing can be quite a task. A hair-raising experience as the documentary gets into the lives of these street kids, hears their stories and unfolds the bitter reality that lies beneath this beautiful paradise island. Backed with real life incidents, diverse stories and first hand interaction with key people who played an integral part in making this mission impossible successful makes this documentary more inspiring. It is a dark, intimate and unforgettable journey revealing the truth which most of us choose to be oblivious of.

This directorial debut by Vijaykumar Mirchandani from Sydney was supported by Metro Screen Australia. It has already secured distribution rights in North America & Canada and is currently looking at rights for other territories. Vijaykumar said, “Where the streets have no name is an eye opener, which in many ways will raise debate and have mixed opinions, hoping the result will be inspiring, thought-provoking and serve as a reality check for every individual to stand up and take ownership of his responsibility. It is my sincere effort in trying to convey this message to all, even if we are able to save one life…it’s worth it. I am grateful to Dr. Haralds’ contribution to society and continue to support his dream…Where the streets have no name, today tells a different story!”

Watch the trailer For distribution enquires contact the director Vijaykumar email: 16thstreetproductions@gmail.com