Writer/Director Seeking Producer for Raw Nerve – Jungle

By February 3, 2014 Jobs

I am a writer director (and also a professional Editor at ABC) seeking a Producer to help me out with the Raw Nerve funding. Ideally you are a very energetic, confident, you have a great command of the English language and you are experienced (well, you made at least a couple of good shorts).

If you would like to check two of my most recent short films please see:

1. ‘Respect 101’ (Thriller) – short synopsis: Where is the respect? The sympathy? The love for your neighbour? Kids today harass, brawl, belt, smash and grab. It’s time for an old man to teach these yobbos a lesson. Welcome to Respect 101, the only academy where you learn or you die. See this short on: http://vimeo.com/43463859

2012 Cannes Short Film Corner: http://registration.cannescourtmetrage.com/filmfiche2.Aspx?id=54987059 ; Finalist at2012 Cornwall Film Festival (Cornwall; Mike Leigh is the patron) Finalist at 2012 Show Me Justice Film Festival (Missouri, USA) Finalist at 2013 Hyart Film Festival (USA) – Key character played by Peter McAllum.

2. ‘Happy Birthday My Dear’ (Drama) – On the surface Emma’s life seems perfect, but one mysterious telephone call changes everything. See this short on: http://vimeo.com/73374824

Finalist at 2011 Canterbury Short Film Festival (New Zealand) Finalist at 2011 In the Bin Short Film Festival (Australia) – Key characters: Alan Lovell, Helen Tonkin and Peter McAllum

The following is a short treatment of the project that I would like to submit for Raw Nerve:

‘Jungle’ (short comedy). Two rivals/boxers, THOMAS and PETER, are preparing for their big fight – THEIR SECOND CHANCE. So we see them put on shorts, gloves and start warming up. Then, Thomas leaves his changing room and walks past Peter’s. Peter’s room is open. Thomas stops and stare, Peter is praying – HE’S A VERY RELIGIOUS MAN.

Thomas waltzes in the room and they start a deep a meaningful theological discussion. Thomas is an Atheist and finds the idea of a God ridiculous. They both talk like intellectuals and are very polite when making their points. Then, Peter raises the biggest issues of all. Yes, science answers many questions and the bible is vast, vague and sometimes incomprehensible to the mass. However, the same thing can be said about scientific books which can be only understood by the professionals. So who do you trust in this case? All in all when we talk about climate change, history, math etc etc we rely on what professors tell us without really understanding the data collected. So isn’t it better using the faith?

Thomas at this point smiles and nods. He agrees with most of what Peter says but he does have an answer to this dilemma. He thinks that the problem with the faith is that it has to be taught. You are not born with the faith, you are told about Jesus, Mohamed, Manitou etc etc so if you were born in a jungle (hence Jungle of the title) without anyone around you, you would look at the sun and think that it is God, an earthquake and think that it is God and so on and so forth. Of course, you are taught science as well, however, science is not just theory but is also real. Electricity, engines etc etc are not just abstract concept and yet the Holy Ghost, paradise/heaven and hell are very abstract concepts.

At this point Peter looks dismayed and perplexed. From afar we can hear the big call. The boxers are invited to get to the ring. Thomas is about to walk off but Peter stays put. Thomas says to Peter that is time to go but Peter says that he is happy where he is. He doesn’t want to fight anymore, in fact, since there is no God there is no point anymore.

Thomas walks towards the ring and smiles the winner smile.


If interested please contact me on: maxsappa1@hotmail.com It would be great if you could give me some info about yourself and links of your shorts.

Massimiliano (Max)