You’re On Your Own Kid: Public Forum Tues 2 Sept

By August 8, 2014 Blog

Screen Australia has announced it will no longer fund Metro Screen and other Screen Network organisations; Open Channel (VIC), MRC (SA), Film & TV Institute (WA) and Wide Angle (TAS). And $400k has been cut from Talent Escalator. On our calculation, almost $2 million of the $5 million in recent Screen Australia funding cuts directly impact emerging talent and production.

Does this signal the end of federal support for emerging practice and emerging filmmakers?

Apparently as long as you’ve got YouTube, a camera, a laptop and crowd-funding, the screen world’s your oyster. Right?

We know it’s not that simple – we don’t want to see a future where a credit card and family connections get you ahead of the pack.

Metro Screen provides a truckload of support to level the playing field with a small amount of federal money. We think the stories we support, the multiplatform activities we lead, the skills development we provide and community we create are critical to the future health of screen culture.  But this cut goes very deep and we’re exploring our options.

Thanks for your concerned calls and overwhelming support. We’re holding a PUBLIC FORUM to talk about where we go from here and we want you there. Our interstate Screen Network buddies are also holding public forums around the country to discuss this critical development.

6pm, Tuesday 2nd September
Chauvel Cinema, Paddington   Register Now!

Stay tuned for speaker details, spread the word and get connected;