3 Short-Film Scripts Available For Directors/Producers

By May 15, 2013 Jobs

I have three scripts available for anyone who is looking for their next project.

All three films would be relatively cheap to make, as they have a maximum of three actors and only one set each.

The first film, ‘As The Pearls Fall,’ is about a middle-aged woman who seeks to commit suicide in a playground after her family dies in a car crash. The last superhero on earth, Jade, tries to stop her. However, the woman convinces Jade to leave her alone, and Jade walks off as the woman takes her own life. This film taps into the current zeitgeist of placing superheroes into dark, semi-realistic settings, such as with The Dark Knight or Man of Steel.

The second script, ‘He Waits Upon Dead Men,’ is lighter fare, and deals obliquely with the famous question, ‘Who would be the five people you’d invite to dinner on your first night in heaven?’ This film tells the story of a waiter at one of these events, and his frustration at having to wait for the guests to turn up. It primarily deals with accepting what life throws at you and moving on — ironically, of course, set in the after-life.

The third film, ‘An Audience of God,’ is also set in the after-life, but it is more of an outright comedy. It touches on everything from the existence of evil and the meaning of life to metafiction and Paul McCartney. It’s essentially an absurdist piece, but it does have a core of substance to ground it.

If any student or independent film-makers are looking for their next project, and any of the above sound like type of films you’d enjoy, please email Matthew at: noshly@hotmail.com and I will forward the scripts to you.