Ahhh Which Editing Software??!!?!?!

By March 28, 2013 Blog

It’s hard to keep up. Taking the time to learn new software or upskill is a big undertaking, so how do you decide where to put your time and effort? The consensus seems to be that currently, independent filmmakers use Final Cut ProX, the professional Film and TV industries run on Avid and Adobe Premiere is used by a combination of both.

To make this decision you really need to ask yourself some questions – What do you want to achieve with your editing software? How much are you willing to spend? Are you Mac or PC? Do you need other tools like Photoshop or effects programs?

Every month Metro Screen flings open the doors to anyone interested in digital media, film or television projects or career pathways. The next Open House Info Session, Thursday 18 April will give you a full run down of the opportunities available at Metro Screen, plus a free introduction to editing in AVID by renowned Editor – Jas Shennan. This is a free event for people at all levels to peak behind the curtain, have a sticky beak at the facilities and ask all the questions you like.

“I choose to edit with Avid Media Composer because its trim tool makes cutting a dream. I can focus on the content, not the software. Media Composer is robust and handles long form drama with ease.”
Patrick McCabe, editor
Credits: Exit, First Contact, One Night Stand. Website.

“I have used FCP7 for years and can use it in my sleep, it has been my editing application of choice. But with the future looking shaky in terms of support from Apple, the move to Avid seems the way to go for me.”
Craig Boreham, director
Credits:  Teenage Kicks.

“Metro Screen is currently moving away from teaching FCP7 and towards teaching AVID in our full-time courses.  This move is following recent industry trends, where the broadcast standard is the AVID platform.   We will also be teaching FCPX and bringing back courses in Premiere to support the independent filmmaking and multi-platform content-makers.  There is a place and a use for all the software platforms, and we will continue to tailor our courses and teaching to the industry demands.”
Rachel Fiddes, Learning & Development Manager

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CONNECT EVENT | Thursday 18 April

6pm – 7pm Open House Info Session – What Metro Screen has to offer you.

7pm – 8pm AVID Editing Introduction workshop with Jass Shennan
at Metro Screen, Corner of Oxford Street & Oatley Road, Paddington Sydney

Free entry.

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