Anastassia Yanatchkova

By April 6, 2010 Congratulations

Metro Screen Certificate IV in Screen and Media graduate Anastassia Yanatchkova has landed a position with Screen NSW. Anastassia is the new assistant to the Creative and Enterprise Development team. Which includes being personal assistant to the Director of Creative and Enterprise Development, as well as providing administrative assistance to the whole team- scheduling meetings, receiving applications and responding to enquiries.

“The internship component that the Cert IV offers is really significant, as it’s the only way to get to know people in the industry and begin building relationships. Everyone at Screen NSW was amazing during my internship, really wanting me to get the most of my time there, and I learnt a lot. The hands on aspect of the Cert IV course is really refreshing and useful- coming out of the course with a short film I directed that I am now entering into festivals is great!”
said Anastassia.

The second round of Cert IV is enrolling now starting July 26 at Metro Screen.

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Congratulations to Anastassia