AnyCameraWillDo Filmmakers Talk 2

By April 13, 2015 Events

In December 2014 we had our first ever filmmakers night. It was a fantastic event attended by a whole bunch of cool people, and the night was a total success. Due to popular demand we are doing it again.

AnyCameraWillDo Filmmakers Talk 2 features talks from successful Australian filmmakers, including the Terminus director and cinematographer Marc Furmie and Kieran Fowler, and the writer/director of The Half Dead Tim Boyle. There will also be food, drinks, and a load of great people to meet.

You can check out the event from last year here.

When: Wednesday 22 April,  7:00pm

Where: Upstairs at the Harold Park Hotel, 70A Ross Street, Glebe.

There will be some kick ass prizes!!! (stay tuned for some updates on what we have to give away). Come and join us for a drink and hear what these amazing filmmakers have to say. There will be time for questions and discussion afterwards.

Great opportunity for networking and inspiration! Should be good fun. Also its FREE!!