Australia’s Funniest Shorts To Debut At Sydney Comedy Festival

By April 7, 2015 Events

Curated by Vulture Culture, Australia’s Funniest Shorts showcases short films (up to 8 mins) and sketches (up to 3 mins) created by the country’s best comedians, funny people and filmmakers. Get off YouTube, turn off your TV and revisit the good ol’ days of laughing out loud with a cinema full of comedy lovers.

“Australia’s Funniest Shorts is the nation’s premier comedy shorts festival. As comedy is the most popular short film and new-media genre, it provides a vital element in Australia’s film culture.” Tim Ferguson

“Featuring talent from all over Australia, this is a must see for anyone with a keen sense of humour and a firm tolerance for black comedy.” Rotunda Media

Running order:

Tech Support – Directed by Michael Griffin (2.28mins) QLD

Huntin Dinna – Directed by Josie Baynes (5.42mins) VIC

Stop Coffee – Directed by Brett Conway (3mins) WA

Laugh Track – Directed by Fabian Lapham (5.50mins) VIC

Touch – Directed by Melissa Smith (5mins) WA

Microhappiness – Directed by Dan Rath and Arthur Filloy (1.18mins) QLD

Dayne’s World: Episode 1. Meet the Bones – Directed by Mike Nayna (10.39mins) VIC

The Cut Off – Directed by Sam Petersen (1.45mins) VIC

The Boy Who Had No Thumbs – Directed by Shaun McCarthy (5.59mins) VIC

The Battle Of Who Cares Less – Directed by Jeremy Brull (2.46mins) NSW

The Polygamist – Directed by Craig Melville (7.05mins) NSW

Prank Gone Bad – Directed by Dave Jackson (2.56mins) VIC

Makeover – Directed by Don Percy (7.06mins) VIC

WHERE: The Factory Theatre, Sydney
WHEN: Tuesday 28 April 2015, 7:30pm