BEDHEAD Pilot Launching on ABC IVIEW 17 September

By September 16, 2015 Industry News

Whats a little bad sex between friends?

That’s the question four friends set out to uncover when they created the awkwardly funny rom-com BEDHEAD, one of five pilots released as part of Screen Australia and ABC’s Fresh Blood initiative, available on ABC iview from 17 September.

Originally conceived as a web series by a group of friends who met at film school, BEDHEAD chronicles the adventures of two best friends and their awkward sexual encounters as they navigate single life in their twenties.

Metro Screeners involved include:

Claire Phillips: Producer on Metro Screen-supported Touch, and co-writer on Metro Screen-supported Gavin.

Kristen Hodges: Production Manager on Metro Screen-supported Ngurrumban.

Scott Ince: 1st AD. Scott graduated from Metro Screen’s Assistant Director Scholarship course.

Last year, 24 teams created more than 70 short sketches for Fresh Blood Series 1. From these teams BEDHEAD and four others were commissioned to make a half-hour pilot, only one of which will get an iview series commission in 2016.

Watch the trailer: