Behind the Scenes Assistant Intern Role – The Lighthouse

By November 4, 2013 Jobs

We are looking for someone to assist in the filming and editing of all behind the scenes content for the feature film The Lighthouse. The roles will mainly be focused around filming and editing.

Skill Requirements:

Must have excellent communication and presentation skills. Be able to converse effectively in English.
Must have a passion to work in the media and movie industry.
Physically fit to endure long working hours and outdoor shoots.
Should be able to deliver under stressful and demanding situations.
Highly skilled and creative individuals who can think out of the box.
Must have knowledge of various aspects of film making such as camera, lighting, sound, direction, etc.
Should be proficient in using computers and MS Office.
Be familiar with Adobe Premiere. Experience with After Effects would also be a benefit but is not absolutely necessary.
Understanding of documentary genre

Job Duties:

Operating cameras (DSLRs) and Sound equipment
Edit segments together for continued behind the scenes updates on the Glasshouse productions website
Assist the Behind the Scenes Director with lighting and camera set up for interviews

Work Conditions:

Work from indoor as well as outdoor shoot locations.
Desk work from the office of the production team.
Will have to travel extensively within or outside the city based on the location of the shoot.
May have to be on outdoor shoots for days at a stretch.
There are no fixed work timings as timings will totally depend on the location and nature of each shoot.
Long working hours and working on weekends/holidays may be required.

Send your CV and cover letter to:

Please ensure you cover what your previous experience is.