Documentary ‘Black and Out’ Airs on NITV


NITV and Metro Screen are both saddened and proud to announce the screening of documentary Black and Out by recently deceased local filmmaker Anthony John Creighton on NITV as part of the Our Stories, Our Way, Every Day series.  Tony recently passed away while in preproduction on several new projects. His unique voice will be missed.

Synopsis:  This is a story of a gay Aboriginal man and his reflection of growing up in a rural environment when human rights and gay rights were at the very conscious of Australian society. He is one of four gay brothers in the one family so he will also be able to discuss all of their reaction to various events in their lives.

Our Stories, Our Way, Every Day is NITV’s landmark series of mini documentaries, digital song-lines produced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers and organisations from emerging, remote and regional areas.

NITV, Tuesday, 6 October 9:30pm EST.

Black and Out was developed, funded and produced by Metro Screen’s Lester Bostock Documentary program and commissioned by NITV.