First Break 2010



Writer/Director: Erin Good
Producer: Taylor Litton‐Strain

Abbie’s first day at work is not as she anticipated, but friendships can be formed most unexpectedly.


Aesop’s Way

Writer/Director: Mitch Stanley
Producers: Elizabeth Roberts, Mitch Stanley

Based on a fable, we discover how two Adrian and Mike who walk the same path yet they experience a different journey.


The Burnt Cork

Director: Alexandra Edmondson
Producer: Cassie Kelly

In 1950’s rural Australia, a man faces losing everything when love, fear, duty and shame collide, following the birth of his illegitimate child.


The Biggest Port

Writer/Director: Elizabeth Wymarra
Producers: Elizabeth Wymarra, Mitchell Stanley and James Falconer Marshall

The Biggest Port is a comedy about two old girls who witness drama in their community and the impact it has on their street.

Dust Up

Writer/Director: Richard Jameson

A clash of cultures, about the past and a decision to decide their futures tries to be resolved in a night.


Writer/Director: Josh Mawer
Producer: Stephanie Begg

Connections, community and family. If anyone can just vanish without warning, how would you live? If the people you love don’t feel the same, what do you do?



Writer/Producer/Director: Katarina Mandic

A coming of age story about the friendship between a young country girl and a lonely hen. Life, death, happiness, sorrow, failure and success are all lovingly explored.


Naked Lady

Writer/Director: Cigdem Serce
Producer: Michelle Bleicher

A young Turkish woman needs to choose what is best for her heart, her family, culture and future.


Writer/Director: Benjamin Brink
Producer: Kyra Bartley

Sal seeks human contact and companionship, but must come to terms with the fact that his weekly poker game is not the answer.

The Traveller

Writer/Director: Vijay Boothalingam
Producer: Priya Rajkumar

Set in suburban Sydney, the Traveller recounts the emotional and spiritual journey of an Indian couple, who provide refuge to a stranded traveller on a stormy night.


Something Fishy

Writer/Producer/Director: Kristy Best

Something Fishy is the story of 7 year old Maxine and her yearning to make friends with all things with scales.

First Break is supported by Screen Australia and Screen NSW

Breakout 2010

Purple Flowers

Writer/Director: Julian Ryan
Producer: Drew Bailey

Jack likes Jill. Jill likes Jack. Two teenagers dealing with love, lust and death.


Shelling Peas

Writer/Director: Cath Moore
Producer: Diana Ward

Amy and Dean deal with the death of their mother differently, but before they get on with their lives, they first have to get on with each other.

Breakout is supported by Screen NSW

Breakthrough 2010


The Rose Tattoo

Writer/Director: Alanna Rose
Producer: Julian Galea

Thirty after the mysterious death of their best friend, three Aboriginal men are brought back together by the same secret that tore them apart and changed their lives forever.

Breakthrough is supported by Screen Australia

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