First Break 2011

Money Tree

Director: Hawanatu Bangura
Producers: Marlene Palmeiro and Leslie Marsh

An animation about an African boy who tries to escape poverty by planting an orchid of stolen money.

The Grand Design

Writer/Director: Samuel Bartlett
Producer: Robbie Miles

A metaphysics student must decide between sacrificing his own life or that of a stranger after living the same day twice.


This Dog’s Life

Writer/Director: Jo-Anne Brechin
Producers: Igor Shmaryan, Jo-Anne Brechin

A young boxer is forced to fight – and kill – for his father’s love.

I Spy

Writer/Director: Samuel Faull
Producers: Emma Morris, Samuel Faull

I Spy is a dramedy about a young boy’s eye opening summer holiday and his devious older cousins’ version of I spy.



Writer/Director: Greg Hackett
WriterProducer: Arie Hirsh

Stacey is a serial prankster to her friends and colleagues. One night a practical joke goes too far with shattering results.


Lie To Me

Writer/Director/Producer: Kathleen Hrayssi

1958. In a police interview room Mrs Hephren gives her version of events leading to her husband’s murder.


Writer/Director: Raymond Kelly
Producer: Jason De Santolo

The town’s big race is his chance show he can cut it, will he overcome his obstacles and run the race.


Writer/Director: Billy McPherson
Producer: Lisa Duff

The story of a man whose family mean everything to him. Even though he lives in the dream time where he exists from day to day never planing for tomorrow. Fate and family intervene leaving him torn between the life he has tried to create and the past he could never forget.


The Alien Boy

Writer/Director: Miles Szanto
Producer: Annmaree J Bell

A young boy named Miki who is a daily victim of playground bullying realizes the only way he can fit in, is if he escapes planet Earth.


First Date

Writer/Director: John Tsioulos
Producer: Ash Morgan

A young man prepares for an important first date, but does he have the courage to take that final daunting step….

Burrowed Frowns

Writer/Director: Thomas Wright
Producer: Lewis Farra

As Ray walks alone in a foreign city a Fisherman’s words beg contemplation and a freer existence is glimpsed, but the mundane safety of a lie and a minimum wage triumph in the end.

First Break is supported by Screen Australia and Screen NSW

Breakout 2011


Treading Water

Writer/Director: Melissa Anastasi
Producer: Cathy Flannery

Leila and her husband Theo struggle to piece their lives together after the tragic death of their teenage son.


A Burning Thing

Writer/Director: Damien Power
Producer: Joe Weatherstone

An affair between an arsonist and a volunteer rural firefighter burns out of control.

Breakout is supported by Screen NSW

Breakthrough 2011

Silent Scream

Writer/Director: Lee Willis‐Ardler
Co-Director/Producer: Tina Schiano

SILENT SCREAM features writer‐director Lee Willis‐Ardler, a 37 year old film‐maker suffering from a mental illness and desperately seeking to understand the cause of the aggressive ‘episodes’ that have left his family questioning whether they’d be better off without him.

Breakthrough is supported by Screen NSW

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