First Break 2012


Only One

Director: Anita Lee
Producers: Anna Hynek, Joel Bell

When every day of her life is the same, Alex invests in the service, Doppelganger Locator in an attempt to ‘find herself’ and the meaning of happiness.


Director: Tessa Muskett
Producer: Sean O’Reilly

In a world where it’s cool to be fat, a skinny girl embarks on a risky venture to snare a rock star.


Director: Brendan Galinie
Producer: Lee-Ann Simon

A withdrawn loner and a mysterious young couple smoke a joint and fall in love, all in a day.


Director: Charlotte Mars
Producer: Emma Forgie

Charlie’s mum has asked her boyfriend to move in. Suddenly there’s no space, no room to breath, no way he can sleep between the paper-thin walls.

Destiny In The Dirt

Director: Ella Bancroft
Producer: Paul Brenner

Dylan must decide the path and direction he wants his life to take. What you see is not always what you get. One decision will lead to his destiny.



Director: Jaime Lewis
Producer: Leonie Rothwell

When a young teacher has a secret relationship with a student she quickly realizes there may be much more at stake than her career…


Scene 16

Director: Katie Wall
Producer: Conor Reid

An ambitious soap actress, unable to find the authenticity in a break-up scene she is rehearsing, turns to her unsuspecting boyfriend, and plays out the scene for real.


Director: Natasha Bassett
Producer: Alex White

When a matured, young girl is not allowed to go to her grandpaʼs funeral, she is forced to find another way to say goodbye.


Kiss me Deadly

Director: Collin Kinchella
Producers: Christian Tancred, Gavin Walters

Two men, through sharing their past dating failures, reach past their own self-doubt, to ultimately find a shared connection.

First Break is supported by Screen Australia and Screen NSW

Breakout 2012



Director: Alex Ryan
Producer: Jiao Chen

In 1830’s NSW, a young woman rescues an injured Aboriginal man. Unbeknownst to her, the safe haven she offers him is the most dangerous place of all.


Director: Tobias Andersson
Producer: Raquelle David

Writer: Yolanda Ramke A man and woman must come together in a post-apocalyptic, ravaged world.

Breakout is supported by Screen NSW

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