Call for a Producer to Collaborate on Feature

By May 7, 2013 Jobs

My name is Amer Farah. I am a filmmaker from Sydney, I have recently finished writing a feature film ‘She will be alright’, and I am in search of a talented, enthusiastic and creative Producer to collaborate with me on the project to help me breath life into this passion project of mine.

‘She will be alright!’ is a realist drama following the paths of two brothers, Ben and Jim. They live together in a flat in one of Sydney’s beach towns. They live in harmony together; they are lovable, respectable characters in their square. Jim lives his life day to day. He reflects on events he experiences, his notebook holds his ideas and voice. He works at the local fruit shop upstairs from his house. Ben is extrovert man with business ambitions. He is a partner in a restaurant in the same neighbourhood. The brothers and their relationship is tested when Julia, a girl of international beauty and troubled present meet the brothers, separately.

She Will be Alright! Takes us through a journey; from absolute harmony to complete jealousy. Our understanding of relationships, particularly that of brotherhood is the primary investigation. The film highlights the harmony, understanding, and Contentment of the elements of our society.

The Pre production on the film has already begun with breakdowns, settling deals for locations etc. I will be looking to be shooting around the Bondi area in June-July 2013.

Once completed I will be sending it into festivals locally and internationally. In may 2014 we will take the film to Cannes and will attempt to secure distribution deals for Europe, Africa and the Middle east.

As this is an independent project and budgeting is tight, this will be a volunteer basis position but it would be a great film to be a part of and a great credit to have on your CV.

It would be great to collaborate with another passionate filmmaker out there that believes in honest and well-told stories.

Contact: Amer Farah