Calling Film Students, Filmmakers & Videographers on the Gold Coast

By August 11, 2014 Jobs

LegoKid Show is a prospective YouTube channel featuring our five year old son who loves to build with huge, impressive Lego sets; not Lego sets for children aged five to six, but those designed for teenagers and adults, with thousands of pieces and working gears and motors.

The YouTube channel will feature some time lapse videos of LegoKid building Lego sets, and possibly some Lego set reviews. It would be similar to the EvanTubeHD YouTube channel (which has millions of views) but with a focus on Lego.

We are looking for a prospective filmmaker, videographer or film student to help with filming, editing and sound mixing. We will cover transport costs, and offer the ad click revenue from YouTube.

Please contact Nick on: 0450042225