Calling Producers

By June 4, 2015 Jobs

I am a British actor who has recently moved to Sydney. I am in the process of beginning to produce an exciting, short film to be filmed over here.

The short film is about two characters Kyle and Sophie who are at a group care home. Kyle is an innocent and shy teenage, and Sophie is a confident girl-next-door. We see their innocence from the first scene, and their honest, raw relationship. Young love dictates the rash choices they make throughout the film.

Me and my collaborators really believe we have something special with this project, something that is not the norm for the film industry over here, in terms of what we see on TV and film in Australia.  It’s a project that leans more towards European films and something that would fit in perfectly at film festivals worldwide as a challenging piece.

We have been fortunate to already begin to gather an extremely exciting and talented cast, known actors and actresses. I am now looking for TWO producers to join this exciting project. If you are interested, please email me a CV and short summary about yourself, what films excite you and what you look for in a project.