Camera Person Wanted to Film Launch Party at Berkelouw Books

By May 1, 2013 Jobs

We are hosting a launch party at Berkelouw Books in Paddington on Friday 10th May 2013 and are looking for someone to Film the event for us. I am working for ABC myself and in film production but in Perth, so don’t have to much connections in Sydney and the ones I have are coming to enjoy the party. Unfortunately we don’t have a big budget but we will showcase your work. I am happy to edit it all, and we will have some great people there that will share it on social media, etc to give you exposure.

The event is from 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Below is a link to our website and a video I just shot and edited for another event, totally different event but we are after similar crowd shots, etc.

Contact: Hanna Axelson Sahlen

Phone: 0449 535331