By August 23, 2012 Blog

In Part Three of Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012, Zacuto pitched nine cameras of varying prices against a scene from the nightmares of any cinematographer. Highly experienced DOPs shot the best they could with their camera in the Empirical Scene before having the chance to relight the same scene based on the strengths for each camera in the Creative Scene. Cameras ranged from the Apple iPhone $200 through to high-end $65,000 cameras like the Sony F65 and Arri Alexa. As you might expect, the price does affect quality. However one camera stood out for its versatility and affordability. The consensus seemed to be that the Sony F3 a $14,000 camera “seemed to handle everything”. Check out the F3 for yourself for just $405 a day from Metro Screen. Hire the Sony F3 for 2 days and we’ll let you keep it for 3 days, or hire the F3 for 4 days and you can have it out for a whole week.

Music Credit: Extra music provided by Luke Neumann