CGI Artist / Compositor Needed for Epic Short Horror

By July 23, 2015 Jobs

Wanted a CGI artist for a few small shots in an epic 30min film.

Horror/thriller has been beautifully shot and performed, and now needs some CGI for stunts/effects that could not be done in front of the camera.

The CGI shots required:
Moth fluttering along in 6-8 short shots.
Composite night sky and flashing light into two shots
Lens flare/light on flashlights
Silhouette of spanner hurtling through air
Erase fishing wire from two short shots
Create a CGI metal chain to replace string in 2 short shots
Possibly a few more…

I fully value the skills and experience of CGI artists, however, due to the low budget nature of the film, I regret I cannot afford to pay full rate for the work.

Please email Will Faulkner if interested.