Colourfest Film Festival Call for Entries

By July 6, 2015 Entries

Colourfest was conceived in response to the lack of cultural diversity on Australian screens. The portrayal of people from migrant and diasporic backgrounds is littered with stereotypes, and is generally skewed towards negative representations. Colourfest challenges such portrayals by showcasing a more authentic and inclusive image of Australians as a nation of diverse faces.

In 2015 we’re expanding our breadth by introducing LGBTI and indigenous stories as part of our new collection of short films.

Colourfest only accepts short films produced in the last five years with a maximum run time of 20 minutes. If your film is just a little over time, contact us so we can evaluate its suitability. Selected films will screen in 30+ venues across Australia, and receive payment as part of the screening license.

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