Communism In Romania: A Story That Has To Be Told

By December 11, 2014 In production

A young, motivated team with expertise and a passion for film and cinematography are making a feature about communism in Romania. They need help.

The Director of this film, Victoria Baltag, graduated (with distinction) in film, history and television at the University of Birmingham, UK. In 2013 she won the Popular Prize Award at the Research Festival organized by LSE London for her documentary Faith and Flame .
The inspiration to direct and produce a feature film about communism in Romania came four years ago, when Victoria visited, for the first time, the communist prisons were many students, intellectuals, politicians, women and aristocrats died. This is a story that has to be told. People need to know what happened during that period. The film will compete at Cannes and many other competitions for the purpose of raising awareness.

What They Need:

Renting technical equipment: 200 Euro/day x 30 days of filming = 6000

Cameraman, Technicians and other personnel: 3000 Euro

Transport: 1000 Euro

Actor’s honorary: 12000 Euro

Post-production: 4000 Euro

Catering: 500 Euro

Props and costumes: 1500 Euro

Screenwriter: 1600 Euro

Lights, Sound and Editing: 3000 Euro

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