Creatives of all Types Required

By April 23, 2013 Jobs

Prorevolution Films located in Marrickville during it’s three year existence has created work as varied & vibrant as it’s surroundings.

We’re more community than company – creative situationalists – branching out in all directions of video art, music, feature film, fashion & dance movement on a project by project basis.

Our best ideas are never easily pinned down or quantified and are most rewarding when they exist in real life with warm bodies. Space Trash; a monthly underground film night is wicked fun and arguably one of the most important on-going projects we help to foster.

As a result of relentless productivity, new opportunities are emerging for directors, editors, musicians, stylists, fashion & production designers, movers and makers to be involved with upcoming projects and to initiate their own, with love and assistance through us.

All we ask – get to know what we’re about and if you’re feeling it; get in touch, make an introduction then impress us with some cool work and a passion for what you do.

Our recent feature film: