Crew and Actors Required for The Sisters of Satan

By May 7, 2013 Jobs

I am Samuel Elliott and I am a freshly published author and film maker who intends to adapt my novel, ‘The Satan’s Sisters’ into a film. Below is the blurb, lifted in full from the back cover of the novel:
It began as a fairy-tale…
A young man meets a gorgeous girl following a lifetime of loneliness and rejection.
A blossoming romance develops.

Fast forward to a devastating text message from Amelia and this magical evening becomes a terrifying nightmare. Devastated, Seth soon commits to drinking himself into oblivion. Dead drunk and thirsty for conflict, the wayward soul stumbles into a desolate park where two strange but beautiful girls play Seth like the musical instruments they carry…and Seth sleeps.

Reality returns with consciousness. Seth finds himself naked and shacked to a wheelchair with more than his three captors for company. Listening in disbelief to their unspeakable plans, his death wish may be answered but now he decides he wants to live.
The choices are obvious…

Succumb to their barbaric ways and be killed before he can right this grave injustice or surpass all odds and defeat The Sisters of Satan.

At this point Metro Screen has seen the potential in the project, demonstrating their faith in it with supplying a small amount of funding, the rest of which I am now in the process of aquiring. That should be incentive enough for you to see how worthwhile the project is and want to get on board.

I have already amassed some dedicated and highly-enthusiastic individuals in various roles but there is always room for more, so I urge you regardless of your specialty ranging from acting to behind the scenes, there is always a drought of passionate First-AD’s/Production Managers and the like, if you have the experience or just the drive I urge you to please apply to see if the project would be suitable for your talents.

The project naturally is still in very early stages I would not expect a pledge of full commitment taking into account your no doubt hectic schedule, I was only hoping for an expression of interest in participating or getting on-board as the organisation expands and solidifies with my efforts. With that in mind if you found that your scheduled was such that it prevented you from being involved in any way, shape or form yet you had friends within the industry you deem to be suitable or would enjoy such a project that it would be much appreciated if you passed my details onto them.

The story is unique; the chances of international interest are great provided I manage to secure a great and dedicated team including yourself. This is a rare project that could ensure Australia horror films get the worldwide interest and acclaim they deserve. ‘The Sisters of Satan’ is already drawing international interest with its recent unveiling at the London Book Fair in April, with booming number sales the sky is the limit and a feature film is definitely in the cards in the near future. Those of the faint of heart need not apply, this is a gruesome tale with disturbing subject matter and scenes filled with gore and carnage. I say that now so you know full well what you are getting into.


Producers :
Working closely together with myself so we can map out the nuts and bolts of the project, you will have extensive experience in recruiting a cast and crew (and a sharp eye to spot talent) along with an ability to compile (along with myself) all the necessary practicalities that go into shooting – Filming Permission for Locations, Securing Locations, general orginisation with other H.O.D.’s – if you are new to this you will have exceptional organisational skills and the ability to resolve issues.

Sound Recordists + Boom Operators :
A person who has a keen ability to preempt any sound issues that may arise and communicate said issues to sort them out. Ideally someone that has experience with and at least a basic understanding of using various Mixers along with juggling confidence monitoring and wielding a boom pole like an extension of their hand. An organised individual that can keep comprehensive notes to aid the editor in post.
Equipment will be provided.

Camera Operators :
Working closely with the D.O.P, this individual will have a passing knowledge of all manner of cameras. One who is passionate about cameras and a fast-learner, a great communicator with a sharp eye to see beyond the reality and understand vision from a cinematic perspective.
A person who can work within a team well, taking directing from the D.O.P but who can also be a free-thinker, providing their own ideas for suggestion. Forever looking to visually improve the project.
Equipment is provided.

Character : Seth
Role : The central character to the story, Seth is a young man useless with all things women, hopelessly head over heels when his path cross with the enchanting Amelia. Reckless, reliant on alcohol, self-destructive and furious when provoked with the tragic loss of Amelia’s affections.
Locked in a downward spiral, faced with death Seth changes.
No nudity is required but the actor must be prepared for scenes in their underwear as the character braves off the murderous advances of The Sisters of Satan

Character: Amelia
Role: The focus of the film, Amelia is a beautiful young woman, mysterious and seductive revealed to be a pure psychopathic mass-murderer with supernatural abilities.
The actress must be capable of a strong, mesmerizing performance alternating between that of the sweet innocent girl of every man’s dreams, to that of a vile and wretched creature capable of unimaginable acts of sadistic evil. She is the leader of her sisters, a force to be reckoned with.
Actors with prior Horror roles would be ideal.

Character: Amanda
Role: Sister of Amelia and Alyssa, Amanda is the ice to Alyssa’s fire. Inherent in the family is her love of inflicting pain especially on the male race. The actress must be capable of convincingly portraying such a sudden radical shift between that of a cute, lovable girl one instant and a monster the next. An actress with experience in Horror would be preferable, as would someone with dark/black/brown hair or at least a willingness to wear a wig or dye it.

Character: Alyssa
Role: Sister to Amelia and Amanda, Alyssa is more naive then her sisters yet makes up for it with a penchant for inflicting unspeakable acts of violence. The actress must be able to convincingly channel a sweet, cute and sexy girl at one moment and then ‘snap’ into that of the hardened killer.
An actress with experience in Horror would be preferable, as would someone with dark/black/brown hair or at least a willingness to wear a wig or dye it.

Feel free to contact me at :


If you think you would be suitable to join the team or if you have any outstanding questions you would like to ask.