Crew Call For Short Film (Unpaid)

By February 10, 2015 Jobs

Project Title:
#1 at the Apocalypse Box Office


Jules is the self-declared most useless person in the post apocalyptic world, until he finds an old film camera and becomes determined to make the greatest movie in the new world… the only movie in the new world. But when a beautiful young actress inadvertently leads the formidable stranger to his hidden hometown, Jules proves he can do far more than direct.

Project Type:
We will shoot a short (10 min) film adapted from a feature script, and possibly a mock-up preview of the feature film. The short will be submitted to international festivals and used for project promotion. The preview will be used as a promotional tool to gain funding for the feature.

This is an UNPAID production. Kit fees will be made available to crew providing their own equipment. You will also receive transport, accommodation and food. I won’t drone on about what a professional cast and crew you will be working with, because I expect to hire nothing but the best. I’m looking for people who love what they do and are excited to be a part of this unique project.

Shooting will take place from 27-29 March 2015 in Hill End, NSW.

Crew Call:

Costume Designer
A combination of sourcing, customising and artistic ageing of wardrobe pieces will be required for this job. Colour palate, fabric types and touches of detail are essential to conveying each character and the playful tone of the story. You must be a visual storyteller as much as a designer.

Script Super/Continuity
Previous experience required and must have a reliable stills camera (not on your phone). Be ready to keep track of seven cast members, a handful of extras, changes in weather, the length of the shadows, and just about every wild card that an outdoor shoot can throw at you. This is a good challenge for someone looking to demonstrate their skills.

Make-up Artist
Must have own kit and experience with hair. Be ready to keep everyone looking cool in the heat of the day. This is a great chance to play with dirt and even create some ‘stunt hair’. Experience with basic wardrobe assistance would be a big plus.

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